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Our Story

We are two childhood best friends from southern Israel who love travel the world, lived few years abroad and always TRY new flavours, snacks and candies where we are visits. In the past years we also tried several snacks and candies’ subscription boxes from around the world and we found out that in Israel we have damn good snacks and candies!

We thought to ourselves that its about time that foodies and culture explorers, as we are, will TRY the snacks and candies we grew up on here in Israel! But we also deeply care about the place we live in and about the world!

We believe that TRYTLV is more then just a box. Its an opportunity to taste new flavours and explore new cultures while sitting in your living room, but also to impact others.

You ask yourself how? Our vision is to EXPOSE foodies around the world to Israeli snacks and candies and also to REDUCE poverty and food insecurity by donate 5-10% of each box we sell to food security NGO’s in Israel. In the future, when TRYTLV will grow, we will be a social business that impact the place we live in. So... TRYTLV!